To install QM Therapy:

ATTENTION: There is necessury a new type of USB external drive

(licensed from below).

The package is downloaded first:

Installation QM Therapy (51.5 MB)

        1) Download

        2) Expand (extract)

        3) Run Setup.exe

        4) Perform authorization if required

To start the installation, it is necessary to unzip the files (unzip = right-click to extract) and click on Setup.exe, which is in the downloaded package.

In the case of an upgrade, QM Therapy must not run in the background.


After installation, 2 icons and operating instructions will appear on the desktop:

QM Therapy - program execution

QM Therapy DATA - this folder contains all outputs and export files

QM Therapy tutorial,

or the icons can be downloaded here: Icons on the desktop   and placed on the desktop.


After installing or upgrading to version, you must first

perform authorization in "Settings / Authorization"

by entering the serial number, which is from the bottom of the USB external drive.

Authorization is performed again even in case of upgrade and is assigned 

new Identification number.


The PC must be set up correctly:

1) Settings / accessibility / screen /

scale and layout = 100%


2) Settings / ease of access / screen

resolution best approx. 1600x900


Any clients from the older version (3.4.X and 4.4.X) must be exported. It is performed directly

in the QM Therapy program, " New" tab . Or you can re-enter and edit.

Entropy (now Overview) starts to build from scratch.